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How is your AI solution contributing to our society?

Decarbonizing the transport sector will require more people to use public transportation and in order to make it attractive and drive adoption it has to be reliable. The Stratio Platform supports Public and Cargo Transport companies keeping the vehicles on the road by predicting when they will fail before they fail, reducing fuel and energy consumption, and supporting the transition of the transportation industry towards Electric Vehicles.

What is the potential of your AI solution?

Todays’ buses have on average 5 to 10 roadside failures each year causing delays and traffic jams leading to millions of hours of lost work. Our solution already predicts many of all possible failures, and has the potential to eliminate all roadside failures in the near future.

Where do you see AI in 10 years?

The advances in AI, or machine learning as such, have slowed down from todays’ very rapid phase. However, the adoption of AI is by then ubiquitous across all industries and competitive businesses must have already adopted and have many processes automated by AI. AI will be considered one of the main enabling technologies for combating climate change and reducing the carbon footprint.

What is Europe’s biggest challenge within AI?

The way we see it, AI is like the 4th industrial revolution. The USA and China are investing heavily in developing AI capabilities in all fields and everyone wants to lead the field. The next global leading companies will come from the ongoing AI revolution and Europe needs to retain its talent and attract investment to compete and become stronger in this field. We have the talent here so now we need to provide companies a chance to compete and be successful.