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How is your AI solution contributing to our society?

Red Points’ mission is to keep the Internet a safer place for brands, and consumers. With this in mind, we built the world’s first AI-based brand intelligence platform that offers our clients online brand protection, copyright enforcement, and distribution monitoring across online marketplaces, social media platforms, websites, apps and more.

We help brands maintain their reputation. To build a brand is not an easy job. It takes time and effort. When consumers unknowingly buy counterfeits online, and realise it is not a genuine product, they blame it on brands. In many cases, unhappy consumers can be very vocal and post negative comments on social media or bad reviews on marketplaces or Google among others. By taking down counterfeits online, we are helping brands to preserve the reputation they worked so hard on to build

We protect brands’ revenue. When companies gain back the trust from their consumers and partners by deleting fake products on the Internet, their sales also increase.

We protect customers from health issues coming from counterfeits. Counterfeit products are often made of toxic materials. Some fake make-up products can contain aluminium, arsenic and mercury, which can cause rashes, allergic reactions and even chemical burns to the consumer.

We help reducing the amount of operative counterfeit organizations in the world. Criminal counterfeit manufacturers and distributors do not comply with any laws, and employ children and adults under non compliant working conditions.

What is the potential of your AI solution?

Red Points has transformed an industry traditionally led by service providers into a scalable, cost-effective technology solution.
Since the pandemic started cybercrime has exploded. And that doesn’t only include counterfeiting and piracy.
We are constantly improving our AI-based brand intelligence platform, and providing new solutions to emerging needs, such as:

Gray Market: non-authorised distribution of authentic goods.
Brand Impersonation: accounts and profiles pretending to be the real brand for fraud purposes.
Credential circumvention: the reselling of credentials and passwords to access subscription-based services such as Entertainment or Software

Where do you see AI in 10 years?

We believe that AI applied to protecting brands' reputation and revenues online will become the new normal in even less than 10 years.
Based on what we see with our more than 900 clients on a daily basis, AI applications such as computer vision, machine learning or natural language processing will probably be needed for even more use cases than today, and in a more intensive manner.
The bigger the ecommerce world becomes, the more indispensable it is to count with technology that drives not just intelligence and growth, but also efficiency and sustainability.

What is Europe’s biggest challenge within AI?

One of the biggest challenges within AI in the whole world is the bias problem.
The good or bad nature of an AI system really depends on the amount of data they are trained on. Hence, the ability to gain good data is the solution to good AI systems in the future. But, in reality, the everyday data the organizations collect is poor and holds no significance of its own.
They are biased, and only somehow define the nature and specifications of a limited number of people with common interests based on religion, ethnicity, gender, community, and other racial biases. The real change can be brought only by defining some algorithms that can efficiently track these problems.