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How is your AI solution contributing to our society?

Predicell´s solution turns personal health data back to care process for more efficient, personalized and cost-effective care paths. By this our contribution to our society can be measured both in value of life and money value. By the we way, we´d demystify AI and turn it to the role of extra insight for care professionals.

What is the potential of your AI solution?

We all know that demand for the care services will increase at the same time when resource available don´t at least increase. We also know that costs for special health care increases +10% annually which is the speed societies cannot afford. To turn whole care paradigm into model where each of us as individuals takes active actor role for developing and keeping healthy habits, allows that progress and situation data for care path designers will pay back in both ways. In the quality of life and money value. And, not only for ourselves and care professionals but or closed ones as well. From that we´ve proven evidence.

Where do you see AI in 10 years?

Predicell sees AI or additional instinct as we see it to be a valued contributor in future´s health care. AI won´t and shouldn´t ever take a final decision makers place from the professionals but it will be a important colleague.

What is Europe’s biggest challenge within AI?

The biggest challenge within AI is AI itself. It is mystified and hyped solution which is told to solve almost every challenge we have. Luckily the case is not so. Intelligent solutions are here already. We need to take best out from the solutions, demystify issue by open and trusted discussion with practical examples from real world evidence.