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How is your AI solution contributing to our society?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates we will be short of up to 9.9 million physicians by 2030, and the shortage is only getting worse. By using the insights from thousands of previous patient consultations, Corti’s AI solutions empower healthcare professionals by making medical expertise significantly cheaper and more accessible for patients worldwide.

What is the potential of your AI solution?

Corti specializes in using audio AI to analyse and assist during medical consultations. This means that our AI can be used to support all patient consultations using speech through calls, virtual or in-person consultations. There are 86bn consultations conducted each year across the global healthcare sector. If we assist in just 1% of these, our solution will support more than 8.6 million consultations each year.

Where do you see AI in 10 years?

In recent years, there has been an industry shift from a volume-based system toward an outcome- and value-based system for patients. This combined with a trend towards data-driven decision-making has created the right conditions for companies using AI within healthcare. This development will continue to influence the healthcare sector across all domains in the coming decade.

What is Europe’s biggest challenge within AI?

One of the biggest challenges is overcoming the negative association and resistance towards AI, as a direct result of large private corporations and governments misusing personal data. Building trust, especially in an area such as healthcare, takes time and requires support from many different stakeholders across Europe.