How is you AI solution contributing to our society?

Through the AI farmer’s eye, empowers precision livestock farming by helping farmers understand animal behaviors real-timely with nothing attached to the animals. Algorithms are not only tools to improve the life of farmers and animals, but also help to add transparency and traceability in the food supply chain, reduce CO2 emission, and the use of antibiotics by identifying disease early.

What is the potential of your AI solution?

Our AI solutions can be used for cattle, swine, equine, and more animal species; and they function both on the cloud and in the edge-chips, making it easy to plug into existing systems while remaining friendly for the end users. Not only farmers, but veterinarians, food producers, and epidemic control centers can benefit from them.

Where do you see AI in 10 years?

We believe that AI will be a commodity for everyone in 10 years, edge-AI( IoT) will be the new norm, and the farming industry will be no exception. But whether the technology can benefit everyone remains unclear, especially for the vulnerable groups. Policy makers need to make sure that it benefits the ones that need them the most, not to add more differences to social classes.

What is Europe’s biggest challenge within AI?

The speed of digitalization might be the biggest challenge for AI, not only the building of infrastructure but also the knowledge formation regarding AI innovation and AI as popular science.